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Must be the most boring yet exciting foto I ever posted here :-) I cleared some space in the garage and if all goes well, i'll startup the yearly Summer-sale this saturday. I'll keep you posted!


Late RSD arrival! It has always been one of the legendary must-haves of every 12" collector worldwide : the picture disc of "Jesus loves the acid". Now limited back in stock on a special RSD2016 pressing!


Several classic albums by dutch singer Anouk are being re-pressed. Some of them were never before released on vinyl!


Added a rare Aphex twin EP and one under his "Polygon Window" monniker. Get them while they're here! And check the rest of our Aphex Twin catalogue while you're at it ;-)


It's picture disc time again people! Massive re-stock and some newies too, by artists like Madonna, U2 and Taylor Swift (on coloured vinyl).


We recently stocked some "Defected in the house" compilation vinyls. Some even in Mint condition!


Looking for some obscure detroit and/or acid techno? We just stocked some releases on the Belgian "Research & development" label. Rare early 90's stuff!


Persistence Of Vision - Santuary is an absolute classic in the afterclubs. However, the remix is fab too and very rare. Only one in stock, so be quick!


Most of the RSD releases don't really fit our catalogue (though some nice 12" will be arriving later on), but we like to do a little effort for Belgian Bands : we have the remix album by Selah Sue and the live ep by Balthazar. Grab em while they are still here...


The shop in the new warehouse is starting to shape up nicely, so there is some more time to add new records. Check "Cunnie Williams - Saturday" an absolute club and radio classic. Also on double pack, with the popular "R&B Joint".


That's more like it! Still a lot of work to do, but in a couple of weeks, we'll be back on full force!


Still a bit empty right now, but soon it will be full of vinyl!


Starting to move the stock into the new warehouse. First time I fill my car, many more to come...

TIP : 2nd hand items might have some wear on the packaging and item, but nothing significant that might prevent playing or other usage exept when mentionned otherwise.

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